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So I've gotten caught up with the walking dead, and seasons three is just making me 'die'! Waiting for the new episodes every week is a real hassle. So I've decided to come up with some sort of project to make the time pass!

If you've seen my gallery, I've been editing existing Pokemon sprites and turning them into the walking undead! This is just a hobby as of now, and I have no intention of turning this into a game. Although I do have a short story about how this all came to be in Pokemon.

It all started in Kanto. The Pokerus mutated into a unique type of virus, which soon infected all living things. Humans and Pokemon. Instead of a Pokemon fainting and being rushed to the Pokemon Center, a mutation would occur. Since all living things were infected, once a Pokemon lost a battle and fainted, they would turn into their Zombie counterpart.

Each Zombie Pokemon has the unique ability called: Reawaken

Game Text: When the Pokémon switches out of battle, up to 50% of its maximum Hit Points are restored.
Overworld Effect: If the Pokémon fainted in battle, it recovers 1% of its maximum Hit Points for every step the trainer takes.

Say WhAT!

With that, they are automatically converted to their Zombie Type. Meaning a Bulbasaur would lose being grass/poison and just be zombie/poison. They always lose their first (or only) typing. Example: Charizard would be zombie/flying

Zombie weaknesses are as follows:
Fire, Psychic, and Steel

Existing types that are weak against the Zombie type are as follows:
Bug, Grass, Normal, Fighting

Now if you have any requests of any Pokemon you would like zombified! Watch and comment below!


United States


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